Victorian Button Hook (Silver)


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Victorian Button Hook is the the perfect accessory to easily button your Victorian Button Boots, or other tightly-buttoning garments or accessories.

Use your button hook to button gloves, bodices, shoes, and waistbands. Our reproduction button hook is made from an original, and features a stainless steel hook, and solid cast brass handle.

  • Length - approx. 6.1 inches / 15.5 cm
  • Designed to work with any of our button boots or shoes with buttons
  • Stainless Steel and cast brass handle with plating


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Button Hook victorian

It is a beautifuly conceived button hook. From the first order I kept the hook because I still want shoes from AD so for sure I need them.
After I shall be reimbursed I will order the new shoes.
I am looking forward!


Works perfectly for buttoning up shoes!

Works Great!

This does exactly as advertised, and as someone with no experience prior I would say I was able to button up my boots pretty darn fast. (Though as a seamstress I do have pretty nimble hands so that may be part of it as well.)

It's actually very fun to use and it makes me feel QUITE fancy with the cute designs in the handle.

The only reason it gets a 4/5 is I noticed that it is quite easy to bend the long part (the shaft?? The rod? The part after the handle and before the hook) as you're maneuvering it to get the buttons into the holes, but it is equally easy to bend back into place. Maybe I was manhandling it a little?

Either way I look forward to putting my boots on because of how fun it is to use, and I'm definitely going to be purchasing more shoes that require its use just so I can use it more in the future haha. Very charming!

Lauren S
Victorian review

This little item is pretty much a necessity for dealing with your Tavistock boots I think. Although it took me a little bit to get used to using it, it makes getting the buttons through the hole quite easy. Do be careful when you're using it not let it catch on the button hole's mouth (where it may tear at the leather) and be careful to get the hook under and around the whole button head and not between the bits of metal holding them to the elastic and do pull gently or you may end up bending the button out of shape. (That an be fixed with a pair of pliers easily, but still, nothing worse than pulling a button off with the boot halfway done up.)